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One distinct disadvantage of reviewing as I go is that I write things and then you say something later that bowls that statement over. Oops.

Eeee! Wow, you update fast. *_*

Have I mentioned how much I love this Wheatley? He's actually going over his actions and realizing that no! What he did was a Bit Not Good! At all!! Awww, baby's learning. ♥

Man, that satellite receiver thingie must be hell to try to fix if anything breaks. Figure out which satellite dish it is, what wires it's connected to, how to get up there without messing up the other wires and dishes, figure out what to do to actually fix it... Yeek.

Oh wait, it's not finished yet. Jumping the shark, whoops. Oh cock, GLaDOS is gonna find a way to use that, isn't She? Craaaaaaaaaap. D:

Wheatley's the type that either infuriates you enough to kick him in the shin early on or makes you feel bad about wanting to do that because he's so terribly awkward. "What took that long" indeed.

Hahah, Garret goes the other way, tease him till he breaks. I can't tell if that's mean or genius. Probably the latter, cuz Wheatley's a bit of a blowhard (at best) and needs taking down a notch or two sometimes. I LOVE YOU, DEAR, BUT YOU'RE KINDA A DIV SOMETIMES.

they always got a loony sort of look on their face, and went, 'why not?'
Yyyyyup. :D

You're not afraid of anything!
Ya know, I kinda knew that he idolized her a lot, but it wasn't until this bit that I noticed just how much. I mean, I know you've written that she was essentially the point in the universe that he orbits around, but it actually just hit me what that really means. She's like a goddess to him and wow. I don't even know what to say to that. Now to find out how he reacts to her actually being fallible.

Rambly and earnest Wheatley is the best Wheatley. Socute. Soawkwardturtle. All the hearts. ♥

... I want art of her laughing. Just like that description. Cuz that was beautiful.

D'AAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW~~~~ Oh you are evil.

Dream time!! :D Hrm, did his moving into a new body manage to knock something into place so he can have those dreams? I'd think he'd remember it if he ever randomly got dreams with Chell in it back in his old body.

... I may actually cry if I scroll down and find out that he gets taken away and was supposed to be on a date with Chell or something.

Oh my God, even worse, he hasn't even actually spoken to her yet. WHEATLEY.

Noooooooooo, baby. DDDDD:

(I think I accidentally replied to myself here DX)



Yeah... this Wheatley can learn things... no comment on how well or how fast, though. I read a very well-written but incredibly depressing fic the other day which explained that Chell chose to let Wheatley go at the end of the game because she realised he only had the illusion of life and humanity and didn't have the capacity to learn that what he'd done was 'wrong', but that interpretation (though really convincingly done) made me a sad panda. ;___; I like my Wheatlies a little reprogrammable. Although not so much that they become not-Wheatlies. That would be a Bit Not Good.

:D Garret is a bit evil that way. I think it is a fairly good method of teaching Wheatley, however, through example; how if he runs his mouth on things he doesn't actually know about, he will get caught out and feel even dumber. It's being mean to be kind, in a way.

Oh, yes. She's like, the lynchpin of his world. It's good and bad and scary and awesome all at once, especially for someone who only has a fairly undeveloped range of emotional responses to draw on.

I did mean it that way- the trauma of GLaDOS poking around in his head in Ch.1-2 and the trauma of being chucked into a new body, plus suddenly being around so many humans and having his memories jogged all over the place, might be doing something a little odd in the Wheatley-brain. The marbles and paperclips in there are working overtime. :D

*dashes to next entry* Do you know how awesome you are for these reviews? Because you are awesome.

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