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Aaaaah Ok can I just say that that is absolutely adorable? I just love how you write Wheatley. <3

Thank you! :D Wheatley is ridiculously fun to write, as well, I'm glad it translates into the reading.

(this is singularnarrative on tumblr)



This is so sweet, and of course your Wheatley voice is superb, as always, and it doesn't help that my mom used to sing me this very song and FEELINGS ;_________;

Re: (this is singularnarrative on tumblr)

MY MUM TOO oh my god.

Morningtown Ride forever~ *gets a wibbly lip*

*squeals quietly* Oh, this is just the sweetest thing! Never stop writing. <3

simply, perfection. ^^ I do so adore daddy!wheatley! and i will now consider this blue sky canon AND YOU CANNOT STOP ME BWA HA HA

this is simply adorable <33

I just dawwwwed so hard I think I might have broken something.
Wheaters, you are best daddy. <3

Oh gosh, LJ just sent me a notification that this posted. IT HAS BETRAYED MEEE--

But uh, anyway, this was adorable, and it made me laugh! Thanks for posting it. ^__^

<3 Emmalyn

I can only imagine what that child will be like. I can't see someone being extremely brave and fast and, well, awesome, but still somehow managing to be awkward and nervous and slightly idiotic. But to heck with that! I want to meet their kid in person when they're older. That'll be some interesting stories to hear...

Hmm, I wonder how GLaDOS would react if she knew about Chell and Wheatley having a kid. She'd probably be like, "Oh, another virus to the world. How wonderful." Or she won't care OR, she'll be completely outraged. I want to see her boiling mad...

I have a feeling that if she cared at all, she'd be furious that Wheatley ruined the progeny of the world's most perfect test subject with his stupid moron clumsygenes. She'd probably make some very unkind comments about being amazed any sperm cells containing his DNA managed to find its way to the ovum in the first place.

... Come to think of it, unless he remembers his past life stuff at all, introducing him to the workings of the human body would be such a bitch. Poor Chell.

Oh Wheatley, this version of you is my favoritest. ♥

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