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You magnificent bastard. <3 An amazingly talented writer of a magnificent bastard. <3

Happy april fool's XD

<3 same to you with knobs on


Helplessly laughing over here.


It took me nearly a solid five minutes before I realized what day it was.

Re: Helplessly laughing over here.



This is the darkest timeline.


it's just an april fools prank it's just an april fools prank, it's--


... Oh well played. Getting right onto reading what I've missed then. :(


I. I just want to hug everyone and make it all better.

Well played, sir. Or miss, as the case may be, I'm not sure. The 'net is a terribly confusing place when you don't have a singular pronoun of indeterminate gender that won't get you yelled at.

That was heart breaking, thank god it's an April's Fools joke.

Ohhh, I liked this, I really liked this... Well, after having read this like for the fourth time and therefore being able to stand the "nooooo! D: " feelings. :P
I find it really interesting, how things worked out in this alternate timeline. It's really ironic that Wheatley is upset about watching him on the screen, without realizing it's him. I guess only staying for a couple of moments everyday means he didn't get to see everything that happened in Chell's head. And I guess the screen doesn't have audio, so he really doesn't have any way to know. Still, it's heartbreaking to see him hurt and be kind of nostalgic about everything. I wonder what would happen if he one day by chance saw something in the screen that make him realize who the tall guy is... but I guess he would be more frustrated realizing that would never come true (ohhh... better not to think about that... that would be a great way to make me weep even more than with this alternate ending ;_;)
Great work on showing how he is here still not completelly apologetic of what he did, clearly a different Wheatley who didn't experience the exile in space, but still showing signs of what he could have been (or what he ended being in the Blue Sky canon) but staying without any development without Chell's influence.
And I feel for poor Chell too. Even if she did get the better outcome for this (she is happy, and she doesn't know all is a product of her imagination), but I can't even begin to imagine what would happen if she woke up and find the world is a horrible place, and the guy she loves is again not only a machine but someone who's practically a stranger. (hmm, food for thought)
Anyway, great job with this oneshot (even if it was on a sadder tone), a great April's Fool prank :P but a great AU story, because it made me thought of a lot of things I wouldn't had otherwise. Thank you!

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